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San Antonio Board-Certified Criminal Defense Attorney

Paul J. Goeke, Attorney at Law

Paul J. Goeke is a San Antonio board-certified* criminal defense specialist serving individuals in San Antonio, Austin, Bexar County, Medina County, and Comal County. He has over 30 years of success in criminal defense cases ― from capital murder to DWI/DUI. His practice areas include:

Your Path from Criminal Charges to "Not Guilty"

Simply being arrested and charged with a crime does not mean you are guilty. It does not necessarily even mean that the police and prosecutors have much evidence against you. All they need is “probable cause” — just enough information to lead them to believe you “probably” committed the crime. In DWI/DUI cases, that can begin with as little as the scent of alcohol on your breath. In a child molestation or domestic violence assault case, it could be as trivial as a mere accusation by the alleged victim. None of this is exactly hard evidence.

While probable cause is all that is required to arrest and charge you with a crime, proving you guilty requires that they have “proof beyond a reasonable doubt” that you actually committed the crime. There is an immense gap between probably and actually.

An experienced board-certified criminal defense attorney succeeds by showing the gap between probably and actually, by demonstrating the evidence that police and prosecutors have is not enough to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant actually committed the crime. Paul J. Goeke has used this approach day after day, week after week, for over 30 years, achieving success in even the most challenging criminal defense cases.

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*Certified by the Texas Board of Legal Certification